Tizen OS upgrade rolls out to Samsung Galaxy Gear owners stateside

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Samsung Galaxy GearPerhaps trying to intimidate Google and show the search giant there’s life beyond Android, Samsung has unveiled Tizen-running successors for the Jelly Bean-based Galaxy Gear back at MWC. Even more intimidating, Sammy’s first-gen smartwatch has been treated to its own software update to Tizen starting May, the option to wipe out Android finally reaching the States today.

Of course, you don’t have to make the move if you don’t want to. But even the most rabid Android fans need to understand it’s all for the greater good. Namely, Tizen brings heavily improved battery life on the 1.6-inch intelligent timepiece, as well as a customizable new interface, S Health and Fitness synching abilities, a revamped music player and, get this, “nearly triple the amount of third party applications”.

The downside is the upgrade ain’t available over-the-air, so be prepared for Kies hassles. You know, installation of Samsung’s PC freeware program, then USB connection of your wearable device to a Windows computer or Mac, then a bunch of time-consuming, annoying steps detailed at the source link below.

Remember to fully charge the Galaxy Gear before proceeding to the update, and back up any sensible data stored on the smartwatch. Everything, and I mean everything, will be erased after Tizen replaces Android, so take note.

Also, fret not, all ye Android devotees, this isn’t the end of the road for Google-powered Samsung wearables. The Android Wear-based Gear Live is around, and it’ll probably get heirs before long. Hopefully, at least one capable of achieving full functionality sans a synched phone or tablet.

Via [Samsung US]

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