Xiaomi lanches $13 fitness wearable

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Alongside the Xiaomi Mi 4 launch, the Chinese company announced a VERY affordable smart wearable called the Mi Band. In China, it is set to cost CN¥79 which ends up being about $13. Most fitness trackers on the market are about 4 times that price, and that’s on the low end. So it’s safe to assume the Mi Band probably isn’t capable of all the same fitness capabilities. However, it’s not exactly useless. The Mi Band can track your movement (both walking or running) and sleeping patterns.

xiaomi-mi-band-en (1)

You can also use it as a smart vibrating alarm, which is supposedly proven to enable users to wake up feeling more refreshed. Jury’s out on that one. One charge will keep the Mi Band juiced for 30 days! TOTES AMAZEBALLS (a phrase just added to the Chambers dictionary; see, I’m hip!). This beats most competitors in the fitness band arena. Looks like the Mi Band is making me eat my words! The device is also waterproof to keep up with your watery lifestyle (whatever that might entail).

But the features don’t stop there: The Mi Band can also unlock your phone. It’s safe to assume this feature is probably only applicable to Xiaomi’s Mi 4 phone for now.

No details on availability yet, and I’m not sure if the fitness wearable will extend to markets outside of China in the future. However, it’s safe to say this very competitively-priced wearable could be a game-changer for those on the wearable fence.


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