Colfax Smart Pack melds wireless tech, power, with urban appeal

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When wearable tech is a topic of discussion, it usually covers such things as smartwatches, Google Glass, fitness trackers, and such. Those devices are more common and of a wider variety, of course. When it comes to gadgets and wearables, it’s easy to overlook that everyday bag or backpack. The bag that carries all your stuff says as much about you as any other type of fashion accessory.

If you’re one to stay on top of smart wearables, you’ll be interested in the latest smart backpack by Colfax. If you’ve never heard of Colfax backpacks, you might be lacking a bit in the adventure department. The Colfax Smart Pack is the first backpack to ever feature built-in power and personal cloud storage both. This means it matters little how remote you may be or if you have unreliable internet/data connection. The pack’s internal battery will provide energy to hungry devices, and the wireless-accessible hard drive can store most of anything you might want to access.

Colfax Smart Pack backpack interiorAlthough your current backpack may be great for accommodating all your tech, the Colfax Smart Pack was designed specifically with your gadgets in mind. There’s ample interior space for your laptop, tablet, mobile devices, and cables and accessories. The molded foam and reinforced sides gives the Colfax Smart Pack shape so it doesn’t completely collapse when empty. It also serves to add padded protection to the backpack’s precious contents.

But, of course, the key ingredients to this smart pack is the integrated power supply and hard drive. The 3500mAh battery provides critical energy when needed, easily routed through the Smart Pack’s organized cable system. The power supply features pass-through charging, so the built-in outlet cord works double-time. By storing files on the wireless hard drive (500GB, 1TB, or 2TB capacities), you’ll never care so much about online cloud storage. Listen to all the music or watch all the videos you have, even if you’re out in the woods in camping relaxation.

All this is wrapped up in a very attractive design that can complement almost anyone for any situation. And, since we’re dealing with a tech-oriented backpack, Colfax includes a rainfly to further protect your gadgets and keep them dry.

Of course you deserve a sophisticated upgrade, so check out the Colfax Smart Pack Kickstarter page.

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