Rumor: Metal-clad Samsung Galaxy Alpha/Galaxy F destined for limited release

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Galaxy S5 metalFor as long as we can remember, speculation in regards to Samsung preparing a shift away from plastic and towards metal-constructed high-end smartphones has constantly emerged from various sources, only to be suppressed sooner or later by, well, reality.

Seeing Apple and then HTC successfully manufacturing such premium-looking, robust gear on a large scale has just boosted the frequency of rumors, and lately, pretty much every week has brought new gossip vis-à-vis the Galaxy S5 Prime, aka the Galaxy F, aka the Galaxy Alpha.

Now the imminent Note 4 is also believed to come with an aluminum-covered frame, but the long-in-the-making ultra-high-end flavor of the GS5 isn’t ready to bow out of the spotlight either. Not yet, as the latest round of hearsay via Asia claims the launch is still on.

Great news? Not so fast, since all signs seem to be pointing at a limited commercial run, possibly restricted to “select” Asian territories. At best, Sammy will be able to produce around a million of these “Alphas”, so a global bow is out of the question.

Of course, the report casts serious doubt on Note 4’s perspectives to rock a metallic skeleton (flexible no less), though at the end of the day, the “inside” sources slipping us “intel” could be way off base. I mean, sure, Apple may have a monopoly on collaborations with chassis suppliers in Taiwan, but I highly doubt Samsung can’t find reliable, efficient partners elsewhere if it really wants to. So, you know, keep the faith and all that.

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  • dragonhockey

    Samsung doesn’t settle for what they have achieved, they continue to brainstorm and develop gadgets that you haven’t thought would be possible. They are the pioneer of some of the best smartphones today.