Stop the madness: Motorola unveils digital tattoos

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Are we that lazy? It seems smartphone-owners would rather not take the five seconds it requires to enter a PIN to unlock their phones. So, Motorola’s solution? Temporary tattoos! And they’re not even cute; they look like ringworm mixed with a cigarette burn. It’s like the ultimate mood-killer, but it’s totally worth it if you can unlock your phone in one second, right? WRONG! Admittedly, I was all on board with the fingerprint sensors from companies such as Apple and Samsung, but I was fine with the technology ending there.


Motorola, what are you doing? I believe it was just last week that I was critiquing our dependence on technology, and now you’re making things even worse. Are you trying to tell me that people are willing to wear these horrible-looking adhesives on their skin just to unlock a phone? At least if it did something cool like enabled sweet air-guitar skills into my uncoordinated hands, I would consider it. And even then, it would be an uphill battle.

The “tattoos” are created by VivaLnk and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, and they utilize NFC technology for a quick unlocking. Although Motorola has been referring to them as digital tattoos, they’re more closely related to ugly stickers since you can peel them off at will. So, when Jennifer Lawrence walks into the bar and you don’t want her to see what looks like a skin disease on your arm, you can peel that sucker off in a second. But then, you’ll have to MANUALLY enter your four-digit PIN into your phone. OH THE HORROR!

The waterproof tattoos can last about five days. If you’re a Moto X owner, you can buy them in a pack of 10 for $9.99.

Here’s a closer look at the digital tattoos:

I’m all for the advancement of technology, but this is just plain weird.

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