Microsoft confirms last-minute Surface Mini setback, alludes to record Surface Pro 3 sales

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Surface Pro 3Between the closing of Nokia’s acquisition, its biggest employee shake-up ever and the recent surprising Surface Pro 3 introduction, you can definitely say it’s been an eventful past few months in Microsoft’s Redmond camp.

But now that things are at last settling, it’s time MS addressed some of its more unexpected decisions. Like Surface Mini’s purported cancelation in the eleventh hour. Delay, cancelation, potayto, potahto.

The bottom line is there are no immediate plans for “Microkia” to tackle the flooded compact tablet market, and “the decision to not ship a new form factor” in the Surface line has been officially corroborated in the company’s latest report detailing its financial situation.

No reason or excuse is offered for the repeal, erm, temporary suspension of the 7 to 8-inch Windows slate, however multiple reliable sources have pinpointed the lack of a wow factor as the main cause. Also, fear-inducing competition from budget champions such as Google, Asus or Samsung and high-end king Apple.

Another interesting Surface-centric nugget emerging from Microsoft’s earnings call relates to Surface Pro 3 sales, which are trumpeted as higher than earlier versions of the “laptop replacement”. What does that mean exactly? You know, in actual figures and whatnot.

We have no idea at the moment, and we’ll likely never find out, since Redmond rarely comes forward with such specific information. Especially when it could be damaging to its reputation compared to the sales pace of others (read Apple).

Via [Tech Crunch], [WP Central]

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