Nokia Lumia 530 to join T-Mobile line-up ‘later this year’

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Lumia 530Seeing how crazy affordable the Lumia 530 is supposed to be, and how it doesn’t really upgrade that many of its predecessor’s humble specifications, some reckoned the fresh budget title contender might remain exclusive to Asian and European territories.

But T-Mobile USA cleared the air mere hours after 530’s international introduction, confirming the network’s wildly successful rebranded 520, dubbed Lumia 521, will be getting an heir “later this year”. Well, that’s vague.

Good thing Nokia Microsoft posted an ETA for “select markets” around the world (August 2014), with the States likely following suit the same month. September, at the latest. No word on whether AT&T plans to bolster its prepaid GoPhone roster too, however their 520 sold like hotcakes as well, so there’s no reason the 530 shouldn’t become a hit on Ma Bell.

Or is there? Like I said, the Lumia 530 and 520/521 are strikingly similar in the hardware department, with the former swapping the latter’s dual-core 1 GHz chip for a slightly zippier 1.2 GHz unit and not much else.

Even worse, the 530 ditches the rear camera’s autofocus and cuts the 8 GB of internal storage space in half. And while it runs Windows Phone 8.1 out the box on the software side of things, the Lumia 520 should itself move away from WP 8 with a looming over-the-air update.

So yeah, it sounds like an uphill struggle for Magenta and AT&T to turn the Lumia 530 into a gold mine, especially as the latter’s 520 costs $55 and the former’s 521 just $75 on Amazon. No way to go but up from there, right?

Via [T-Mobile Newsroom]

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