Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE available on Verizon starting at $360

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Galaxy Tab 4 10.1Samsung’s newest army of affordable Android tablets continues its invasion on America’s largest wireless service providers, as the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, available with AT&T contracts for close to two months now, is starting today up for grabs via Verizon too.

Since it’s a little late to the party, Big Red has to go the extra mile to steal Ma Bell’s thunder, which it ultimately does thanks to the oldest trick in the book: sensible pricing. Or, you know, sensibler (not a real word), as the Tab 4 10.1 is fairly cheap at $359.99, but not exactly a bargain.

Besides, you need to tie yourselves up to a lengthy 24-month carrier agreement to pay just $360 ($20 less than AT&T). Alternatively, $459.99 buys you the 10 incher no contractual strings attached, and the Edge program lets you upgrade faster as long as you cough up 23 bucks every 30 days.

No deal? Then maybe the Wi-Fi-only variation on Amazon will tickle your fancy, at $319. The XLTE-ready model on Verizon can be had both online and from brick and mortar stores, and aside from 4G speeds, it offers KitKat chocolaty treats, quad-core heat, 1.5 GB RAM and a 6,800 mAh battery.

All wrapped a nice, elegant package measuring 8 mm in thickness and tipping the scales at 487 grams. Sure, it’s no iPad Air “killer”, but the quality-price ratio is fairly satisfactory. Isn’t it?

Via [Verizon]

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