No, HTC didn’t leak its debut Android smartwatch… yet

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HTC smartwatchEveryone loves a good old-fashioned mystery, so when somebody (read HTC) noticed a first possible glimpse of the “One Watch” in a behind the scenes YouTube clip, the interwebs went crazy trying to piece the puzzle together.

But now company officials have quashed all the conspiracy theories floating around, stressing the product we saw in the video wasn’t exactly a product. Not one meant to go out commercially, that is.

In their own words, “it in no way indicates an actual product HTC is planning to release”. So what was it then? Apparently, an exercise in imagination, as “HTC encourages our design team to explore and tinker with new ideas and even models”.

Yeah, no, I’m not buying it. Not when HTC already confirmed plans for wearable devices, the first of which will likely see daylight by the end of the year. With Android Wear pre-loaded, of course.

Now, I’m no psychic, but reading between the lines and listening to my growling gut instinct, I believe we had the honor of checking out an actual pre-release prototype of an HTC intelligent timepiece, which the OEM wanted tested for feedback.

Since the response wasn’t overwhelmingly positive (quite on the contrary), I’m guessing it’s back to the drawing board for the Taiwanese. Maybe try a round one (a la Motorola’s Moto 360) next time, HTC, okay?

Via [Android Central]

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