First Android One phone to launch in October

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First Android One phone to launch in OctoberSpice, an India-based phone maker, says that its inaugural Android One smartphone will launch in India this October. The low-cost smartphone will be available for around $100 when it launches, and other Android One devices are expected to come in at similar price points since the operating system is geared towards shoppers in emerging markets.

Google named a few partners during its announcement of Android One, and among them was Spice. The phone maker says that it will come out with one of the low-cost smartphones before the Diwali festival in India. As long as Spice works on that timeline and nothing changes, it will be launching the phone in early October.

Over the past few weeks it has been reported Google is investing heavily in the Indian market for the launch of Android One. With a billion potential customers and millions of people who will likely pick up an Android One device, India is one of the most lucrative emerging markets. Google Android head Sundar Pichai may visit India within the next few months in order to launch the Android One devices in the country, but those reports have not been confirmed by Google.

A large marketing campaign for Android One could mean Google is spending tens of millions just on the Indian market.

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