Google X gathers health data, wants to improve lives

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Google X gathers health data, wants to improve livesAnother Google X project is underway and it is completely different than consumer-facing projects like Glass. This time, the Google X team is enlisting the help of scientists to determine what a perfectly healthy human actually looks like, and the team is collecting data from hundreds of people to find that out.

To start, the Google X team will collect data from 175 people, each of whom will hand over biological samples like blood and saliva. The project will then expand over time to include more people, with the ultimate goal being to construct a picture of a healthy human so that people have something to reach for.

At least 100 scientific experts from a variety of fields are being used in the project, and the man in charge of the whole thing is molecular biologist Andrew Conrad.

Through determining what parts of a human’s health most improves their quality of living and life expectancy, Conrad also thinks scientists will be able to detect certain medical conditions earlier. There isn’t even one specific goal present with this Google X project, since Google really just wants to find out as much about the human body as possible in order to optimize it.

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