Samsung Galaxy W 7-inch ‘phone’ reaches China as Galaxy TabQ

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Samsung Galaxy TabQThe “bigger is better” mobile trend has got a little out of hand lately, with lines between smartphones and tablets practically nonexistent, as gargantuan devices like Samsung’s Korean-exclusive Galaxy W are advertised as phones.

And the crazy thing is Koreans aren’t alone in their never-ending quest for larger and larger “handhelds”. China will be getting a taste of the 7-inch Galaxy W in the near future too, although around those parts, the low-ender is dubbed Galaxy TabQ and thus marketed as a compact slate rather than a freakish phone.

Looking at it that way, it’s like Sammy repackaged the recently released (all over the world) Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, slightly lowering the screen’s pixel count to 1,280 x 720 and shaving a nice 26 grams off the 7 incher’s rather bulky figure.

The rear-facing camera is heavily improved, ditching the sub-par 3.15 MP sensor for 8 megapixels, while on the software side of things, aging Jelly Bean runs the show in lieu of sizzling hot KitKat. Obviously, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity is sprinkled on top of the mediocre spec sheet, with battery capacity taking a step down, to 3,200 mAh, due to the decrease in weight.

No words on retail costs yet, and nothing on an eventual Western launch either, though that’s becoming an actual possibility. How about it, would you a fancy a smartphone, erm, tablet, erm, phablet, erm, whatever with TabQ’s characteristics?

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    Yes, i have it and is fabulous :) Is like Mega but bigger! Still, little than a 7.0 tablet.Is a perfect combination between a smartphone and a tablet.With bluetooth car or headphones is perfect, no need to holding in your hand.Of course, not to put in pocket of your jeans only if you have LARGE jeans…About performance is like Mega 6.3, a litlle more powerfull thanks to quad-core and good memory ram 1.5(1.3 visible).Run more games like RealRacing3 or Asphalt or NFS and Leo Fortune and runs great and smoothly.Have NFC and 4G LTE.Surfing on the net without lag or crash.Is a great phablet, still a little bit than 7.0inch were amazing…6.5 or 6.6…but is ok for those who need a tablet and don’t want another smartphone.
    Still a BIG minus…have TFT screen display :( Is not that bad, colors and contrast are ok, HD 720p is ok but…not compare with amoled or ips or even s-lcd like on Mega.
    I really love this phablet and i gave it 9points/10.With a full hd display amoled or s-lcd would have been a blow in the markets…