Acer teases Aspire Switch 10 flavor with Full HD display, US pricing unknown

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Acer Aspire SwitchConvertible, detachable and just all-around versatile tablet/laptop hybrids seem to dominate the shifting PC landscape nowadays, and things don’t really get much more versatile than on Acer’s 4-in-1 Aspire Switch 10.

Of course, most buyers are likely to use the mini-laptop in one of two modes, so the 2-in-1 tag is more fitting. Nevertheless, you’re looking at a design winner, and beginning sometime soon, you’ll be looking at a spec champion too.

That’s because apparently Acer realized there’s no point in being so stingy in the screen resolution department. Ergo, a Full HD version has popped up online, at a slew of European retailers, before going official with little fanfare on Acer’s own website.

The configuration on the whole isn’t detailed by the manufacturer, but a 1,920 x 1,200 display is advertised in Switch 10’s presentation page, so it’s a mere matter of time until the respective model goes on sale.

In order to keep pricing low, Acer may have actually downgraded the original convertible’s Intel Bay Trail processor, from an Atom Z3545 to a Z3735F unit, which could prove a controversial choice. But at least you’ll be getting plenty of storage space (64 GB, to be exact), and 2 GB RAM.

Also, the sizzling hot Windows 8.1 in the software section, though Acer made a sacrifice there as well, going with the lesser Bing build. What does it all mean retail cost-wise? Hard to be sure, but inside intel hints at a tag of $450, give or take $20. Steep? Just right? You tell us.

Via [Mobile Geeks], [Acer]

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