Half of link removal requests have been granted by Google

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Half of link removal requests have been granted by GoogleActual numbers are finally being attached to the European “right to be forgotten” ruling that lets regular people ask Google and other search engines to remove links to some search results. Since Google created a form for people to use when requesting that a link be taken down, over 91,000 requests have been made. Some of the requests dealt with multiple links, and so the total number of search links affected by those requests is actually 328,000.

Google says that up to this point, it has facilitated the removal of thousands of links, since it has accepted around half of the removal requests. This means that when people are specifically looking up a person’s name on Google, they may not be seeing all of the links that were once there.

France is leading the way with the most search link removal requests, according to Google’s statistics. More than 17,500 requests have come from that country alone, and France is followed by Germany and the UK with 16,500 and 12,000 requests respectively.

It was only May of this year when the EU decided people should have the ability to remove information from searches, and Google’s request form has been available for even less time. By the end of the year, it seems likely there will be at least 200,000 removal requests, if not more.

via [TechCrunch]

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