Transport for London announces contactless payments

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Transport for London announces contactless paymentsMost public transportation options available in London will soon support contactless payments, allowing people to use newer payment cards and smartphones to pay for service. Transport for London (TfL) has announced that the contactless payments will be supported around London starting September 16. In addition to buses that already support the payment option, contactless payments will be enabled in the London Overground, London Underground, and the DRL and Tram networks.

Certain payment cards are supported through this measure, though many people who have begun using contactless payments utilize a smartphone with a digital wallet application. As long as you remember to fill up your wallet, then a phone with NFC will work with the payment systems just like a traditional card.

EE wireless customers will specifically be supported if they are using the company’s Cash on Tap application for Android devices. While almost all wallet applications will work with the system–they all basically do the same thing–the Cash on Tap application was specifically mentioned as being supported by the upgraded TfL service. In a press release, EE noted that it is the only cell carrier in the UK that offers its own contactless payment system, but customers of other UK carriers do have options.

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