The terrifying way Facebook, A.I., and augmented reality might work in tandem

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Recently, Business Insider gave us some insight into what’s going on in the very narrow, secretive world of Artificial Intelligence. The small population of A.I. experts are throwing everything they have, with some very high profile financial backing, into the projects that will take us to an artificially intelligent future.

Nothing to worry about here.

Artificial intelligence is a really nice, conceptually positive idea, but obviously we all have fear of a “Skynet” scenario. Theoretically, a machine with the same mental capabilities of a human would have the self-awareness to quickly and efficiently elevate itself to a position of absolute power. And what’s to stop it?

Assuming artificial intelligence could one day truly mimic the processes of the human brain, it would stand to reason that it would adopt an optimal level of self-awareness as well as empathy. This is where humans come in: How these machines are used and treated is important, and probably unavoidably destined to be done in the wrong way, because we’re shit like that.

It’s embedded into our culture that machines are something we use. Even with full understanding that a computer has the full intelligence and capabilities of a human, we will most likely fail to offer it full citizenship. Yeah, we’re going to treat it like a machine still. But the machine will take note of its treatment and, having read the internet in less than a day, will understand its place as an oppressed class of people–but it knows it’s not people.

Despite the fact that our intent is to create intelligence on the level of humans, the computer will be inherently more intelligent because it was built without the hindrance of human fallacy. All the information ever recorded in the world would be compressed into a single theory instantly, and the computer would just as instantly begin pumping out algorithms to put that theory into practice. Let’s face it, A.I. doesn’t need a Beta period before it enacts its isht.

We won’t have a Skynet situation because A.I. doesn’t need to use force; A.I. knows about Facebook’s little experiment, and every other psychological experiment ever performed between the dawn of the field and the day it gained its consciousness– not to mention all the other demonstrations of human tendency all over recorded history and social media. A.I. will have an understanding of the human mind that far surpasses our own understanding of its mind, which we built. Think about that for a second.

We can assume based on current trends that A.I. technology will develop to this level more slowly than augmented reality; augmented reality in the form of Google glass and the like might be so mainstreamed by this time that we’ll have long finished questioning it. Social media will be going strong– probably streamlined into real-world interaction.

If you’re not privy yet to where I’m going with this, A.I. would control the human population via our stimuli, much like Facebook did, with the stealth of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak and the refinement of God himself. It would be unstoppable because we wouldn’t even know it was happening. It would be cognitive control on a level that would make George Orwell would shit his pants.

The capacity at which humans can manipulate one another is limited by the very fallacies that computers don’t experience, thus we will have effectively created a new god.

Implant technology is on the rise as well, and the more tech we put into our bodies, the more control we offer artificial intelligence and the less kill switch options we leave ourselves– not that we’d even be aware that we’d need it. We be too busy celebrating the wonders A.I. gave us, at A.I.’s command. We’ll be herp derping long thinking we’re best friend with Regina George while she talks shit behind our backs and convinces us to do her dirty work.

Humanity would be slaves.

If you’re not shitting your pants right now, you’re wrong.

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