Snooze alarms with single gestures, now on Amazon Fire Phone

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The changing of the guard, as night trades places with day, is a beautiful thing to behold. Most of us don’t get to enjoy the luxury of sunlight creeping in rooms to gently rouse sleeping bodies. Nope. Instead, people choose to be sonically attacked by an alarm during the depths of slumber.

Snooze and lose amazon fire phoneAlthough I’ve never subscribed to the usage of snooze alarms (to me it’s just a convenient way to start a day off late), I’ve seen how others manage it. It generally consists of limbs sluggishly snaking out to strike the offender, as muffled groans emit from somewhere within the folds of pillows and blankets. I consider those who perform this morning ritual more than once (daily) masochists.

If you love using your mobile device as an alarm, but despise fumbling with it in order to “snooze”, you’re in luck. Amazon Fire users will be able to gesticulate in order to snooze or silence an alarm. AVG Technology, known for their security software and applications, has launched a clock app specifically for the Amazon Fire smartphone. This app utilizes the Amazon Fire Phone’s exclusive Dynamic Perspective technology, allowing control with simple gestures.

The AVG Alarm Clock Xtreme recognizes head movements like nodding and shaking, but also left to right gestures. So, technically, one may be able to flip and wave the bird at their Amazon Fire Phone and get results. Nice. Open gestures, unlike physical contact with a device, seems far less likely to break anything in a sudden fit of rage.

Additional features in the app keeps it from being a one-trick pony. Users can choose songs to play in lieu of an alarm. The app also has the AVG Stopwatch Xtreme app incorporated within it. So you can run that to keep track of your snoozing laps. It’s a free download, so check it out and write what you think in the comments.

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