LG’s Windows Phone comeback reportedly codenamed D635, 720p screen in tow

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LG Windows PhoneAlthough we’ve known for a good five months now that Microsoft managed to allure LG back to the Windows Phone platform the Koreans abandoned a few years ago, the exact plans of the G3 makers remained a mystery.

Yes, a “Uni8” handheld with Windows Phone 8.1 “on board” leaked to the press at one point, but the render’s legitimacy was immediately questioned. Now intel relating to a cryptic D635 device is floating around, hinting at mostly mid-range specifications, albeit once again the info’s veracity is mighty hard to authenticate.

Not without hard evidence this D635 is indeed real and more than an experiment not meant for a commercial run. Then again, Alan Mendelevich, the founder of reputable cross-promotion Windows network AdDuplex, vows for the truthfulness of the leak, so we’re inclined to take it seriously.

Such a shame Mendelevich doesn’t have much to share, simply revealing the gizmo’s model number, its anticipated screen diagonal size (5 inches), pixel count (1,280 x 720), and pre-loaded software build (Windows Phone 8.1).

Enough to get excited? Only if you’re in the market for an affordable, mid-sized mid-ranger with WP. Otherwise, there are plenty of options around, both in Windows and Android’s camps. Oh, by the by, the D635 tipster dubbed the information spill a “teaser”, so there’s likely more to come. Stay tuned.

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