Rumor: Windows RT not dead yet, 10.6-inch Surface 3 tablet due out in October

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surface-2Given Surface Mini’s unexpected last-minute delay (cancelation?), and Surface Pro 3’s surprising release in gargantuan 12-inch form, trying to anticipate Microsoft’s next Windows tablet move is harder than ever.

What exactly is next for the growingly popular device series? And even more importantly, when does Redmond plan to put the production wheels in motion again?

Assuming Digitimes and its notoriously fickle “Taiwan-based supply chain maker” sources are on to something real… for once, October may see a brand new Surface go up for grabs. Yes, up for grabs, with component manufacturing tipped to begin in August and “volume production of the tablet” the following month.

Before you can even start daydreaming, no, the rumored Surface isn’t the pushed back 7 to 8-inch Mini. Instead, it’s a sequel for the Windows RT-running Surface 2 announced in September 2013 and commercially launched in October.

On the surface (get it?), it makes perfect sense for the slate to receive a follow-up one year after its release. However, we know sales have been rough, and Windows RT had an impending expiration date, according to leaksters with a slightly better track record than Digitimes.

Only Neowin seems to corroborate Win RT’s survival, and they’ve been fairly spot-on with their Microsoft gossip of late. So as crazy as it seems, a 10.6-inch Surface with Windows RT 8.1 pre-loaded is a definite possibility. Come on, MS, do you even want to succeed in the tablet arena?

Via [Digitimes], [Neowin]

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