First-gen Nokia X devices close gap to X2 via fresh software update

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Nokia-XYou know how, much to the dismay of unfortunate Nokia X owners, Microsoft announced a little while back the X2 actually runs a different software build than its predecessor? And how the first-gen would never get updated on account of its humble hardware?

Well, that’s not entirely true. The original X, along with the X+ and XL, are being treated to a subtle software facelift starting today, which brings the trio very close to the X2. Not quite on par, but really, really close.

The three entry-level smartphones also look more and more like Windows Phone Lumias, distancing themselves from the stock Android “vibe”. But no, I guess Microsoft wasn’t referring to this OTA when it said select X designs would be transitioned to WP. Not yet, that is.

The fresh goodie pack, weighing in at roughly 150 MB, brings a neat little feature called App Switcher to the table, plus deeper integration with Microsoft services such as Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote. The Nokia Store is reportedly also improved, comprising of more modified Android apps than before, and of course, a share of generalized performance bumps are in the cards.

Granted, this new, redesigned X platform, which doesn’t even have its own name (let’s call it X 1.2 UI) is way too little, way too late to convince early X, X+ and XL adopters they made the right choice when trusting MS. But it’s a (small) gesture of goodwill nevertheless, and one that could tip the balance in favor of the Lumia makers in the future.

Via [Nokia Conversations]

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