MaCO magnetic cable tie is perfect for headphones, mobile

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Although technological advances have been marching us toward environments of wireless-everything, cables are still a reality. Even if you don’t mind how they coil about and criss-cross everywhere, wires still require management. Unless you really, truly don’t care. But the rest of us prefer to have a little organization and tidiness.

We have some options when it comes to choice of a cable tie. You’ve got the wrap-around velcro type, giant twist-tie, and zip ties for a more permanent solution. But what you don’t have is a very clever, magnetic cable organizer. Not yet, at least, since MaCO still has a few weeks of crowdfunding left to go.

MaCO magnetic cable tie padMagnets are always fun, and cables are always better when organized. It’s no wonder why MaCO has already surpassed its goal. Although MaCO is useful for any corded situation, it truly shines when managing audio and charge cables. The powerful neodymium magnets makes bundling and unbundling a snap.

The design allows users to slip a cable through MaCO, preventing the pair from ever being separated. If you own and use headphones, you can adjust MaCO to clip to your clothing and keep the audio cable from bouncing around all over. If those headphones happen to be earbuds, feel free to yank them out and let them dangle. Not only is this convenient, but it helps to reduce line noise while jogging/running and listening to music.

MaCO is also handy for charge and sync cables, too. All those times of unplugging your mobile device, only to have the weight of the cable drag itself off the edge of the desk, are over. Pin MaCO to ferrous metal, and you’ll never again have to hear that “clack” as your charge cable hits the floor. You can even opt to get a MaCO platform, so you’ll never be without a spot to place the magnets.

Check out the MaCO Kickstarter page and see how this affordable gadget can make your day-to-day cabling smarter. They come in a variety of colors to match your style.

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