Google to release “Hands-free” car app for Android

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Google to release “Hands-free” car app for AndroidUsing your smartphone while driving is a recipe for disaster, which is perhaps one of the things that makes a new app leaked by Google so welcome.

Using Android while in the car will be made easier – and safer – thanks to the “Hands-Free” app, revealed in one of Google’s promotional GIFs. Though the image was supposed to exhibit Google Now’s language translation ability, a curious icon was found within it depicting a white steering wheel inside a blue box, and that was what got Android enthusiasts talking.

While the Hands-Free app is a work in progress, the presence of its icon is evidence that Google is focusing on making the mobile platform more accessible while driving a car. Aside from wild speculation, however, extremely little is known about the app at this point. It is expected the app will let people control most areas of their phone through voice.

HTC, a third-party handset maker, has already designed its own in-car interface which allows easier access to basic features while you’re behind the wheel. Other app developers simplify media playback controls, so you can browse through your music selection with ease.

The GIF was originally uploaded by Google to Google+, but it has since then been removed.

via [Technobuffalo]

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