Soon to launch: Amazon mobile credit card reader

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Soon to launch: Amazon mobile credit card readerVarious reports have been circulating that suggest e-commerce giant, Amazon, is launching its very own mobile credit card reader – putting them in direct competition with similar services such as PayPal Here and Square.

More recent stories lend further credibility to the idea that this new hardware is in development. For instance, Staples has put forward some internal documents that serve as evidence for the upcoming device.

The “Amazon card reader” is included in the inventory list of these papers. In addition, the documents advise stores to withhold promotional material until August 12. The reader will apparently be sold for $9.99.

The reader will most probably connected with Amazon’s Wallet app.

Amazon’s mobile card reader has made the news before. Just last month, Bloomberg disclosed that sources inside Lab126 – which is a subsidiary of Amazon involved with the development of hardware – claimed the company is hard at work on a “credit-card reading device similar to Square.”

Square, which was conceptualized by Twitter co-creator Jack Dorsey, is a small mobile card reader. Originally released in 2010, the reader was designed to be attachable to a tablet or smartphone. It can then provide a simple and fast method for receiving card payments.

Amazon has yet to release an official statement about the device.

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