Nokia Superman and Tesla further detailed by insiders, top-notch cams in tow

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Nokia PureViewRemember when a slew of internal codenames for unannounced Nokia devices surfaced online? Many of those remain question marks to this day, though at least “Superman” and “Tesla” are starting to cut the mystery act.

The former is envisioned as the perfect smartphone for selfie addicts, albeit a 5 megapixel front-facing camera may not be enough to fend off rivals from Asia. How far along do you think Huawei or ZTE handhelds with 8 MP front snappers are? A few months? Exactly.

Anyhoo, Superman should come to save the day in August stateside and a 4.7-inch display is among its latest batch of rumored features. That clashes with earlier reports of a 5 incher, although it really makes more sense, since we’re looking at a phone likely to be branded as the Lumia 730 and thus following in the footsteps of the 4.3-inch 720.

Moving on to Tesla, The Verge claims the electrical engineer affordable high-end Windows Phone shall carry a brand-new PureView rear-facing camera. No word on the megapixel count and the rest of the specs, but if Microsoft wants to keep the price bar low, it needs to cut some corners.

Probably not in the aesthetics department, where all corners are intact, both literally and figuratively, based on a set of leaked photos showing what could ultimately materialize as the Lumia 830. ETA? “Shortly”, whatever that means.

Via [The Verge]

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