BlackBerry CEO ponders brand’s potential to become iconic again

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Blackberry CEO ponders brand’s potential to become iconic againIn an interview with Bloomberg, CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, pondered whether the brand could ever reach the heights that it once enjoyed.

“That’s something I need to chew on, I don’t know the answer,” he admitted, reflecting upon BlackBerry’s chances of becoming an icon once again.

Though Chen shared his vision of the company’s future, it’s troublesome that he was unable to offer a concrete goal with regards to BlackBerry’s return to brand stardom. There was even a suggestion on his part that this consideration was not included in the plan.

As for selling the company, Chen revealed that there are no current offers in existence. There had been talks, but all have since fallen by the wayside. One such company that had shown interest in an acquisition was Lenovo.

According to Chen, selling to a Chinese firm would be difficult if not impossible, thanks to BlackBerry’s global government contracts and Canadian legal restrictions. “There would be a lot of regulatory concerns,” he explained, “And I appreciate that.”

What Chen would like to do instead of making an outright sale is to “build value” – and this he believes the company achieve. BlackBerry will be rolling out new products soon, one of which is the partially revealed BlackBerry Passport.

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