LinkedIn user profiles will undergo design overhaul

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LinkedIn user profiles will undergo design overhaulUser profiles in LinkedIn’s mobile app will be undergoing a design overhaul to make pertinent information about its members stand out.

“Your LinkedIn Profile is your professional identity of record. It’s also the heart of LinkedIn. Your new profile helps you tell your story to other professionals when they’re looking for you on the go,” the company stated in its blog.

The new profile boasts an interesting new look. In addition to basic details such as the member’s name, job title, employer, etc., it also displays their shared connections. LinkedIn’s purpose for these changes is to allow users to get a quick impression of other members’ connections and mutual interests before they personally meet.

Updating your profile is also much easier to do on a mobile device, which is a boon for those people who habitually edit their personal information.

Aside from the new visuals, the LinkedIn mobile app now includes a feature called “Insights”. This alerts you whenever another user checks your profile out.

According to the company, the reason they will be releasing the new profiles on mobile first is because the platform “forces us to innovate and radically rethink, focus and simplify what’s most important.” Additionally, 43 percent of visits to LinkedIn are from mobile users.

While iOS devices will be the first to see these changes, the company is “working hard” to bring the new design to all clients. So expect this revamp to make its way to the desktop and Android versions of LinkedIn soon.

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