Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana adds Foursquare integration

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Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana adds Foursquare integrationIn February of this year, Microsoft invested $15 million in Foursquare. In exchange, Foursquare agreed it would offer their assistance to Microsoft in regards to the latter’s products and services.

Previously, it was reported that Foursquare’s location data and services would be integrated with Windows Phone 8.1., and specifically with Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant. In other words, Microsoft would have more access to data gathered by Foursquare. This would allow Cortana to provide the user with tips, discounts, recommendations and suggestions based on their current location.

And apparently, this feature is already available, as noted by Reddit and Twitter users. So thanks to the Foursquare integration, you can now expect more recommendations from Cortana on the Windows Phone 8.1.

Foursquare’s deal with Microsoft has also resulted in Microsoft’s services being able to receive more data from Foursquare than most companies that work with it. To an extent, the vast majority of data collected by Foursquare is now accessible by Microsoft, and therefore it will have a major and noticeable impact on Cortana’s functionality.

As soon as you begin running Cortana on a Windows Phone 8.1 device, you should receive the Foursquare recommendations as a result of this business deal between the two companies.

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    is the cortana is based off of cortana of halo