Nvidia Shield Tablet available on North American turf, coming soon to Europe

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nvidia-shield-tabletMaking good on their last week’s promise, Nvidia has begun shipping the powerhouse gaming-centric Shield Tablet to tech-savvy consumers in the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, Europeans can pre-order the beefy Android-based 8 incher via “many top e-tailers”, with an ETA allegedly set for August 24.

On the manufacturer’s official blog, the only hint vis-à-vis old continent availability is however a vague “coming soon”, which can be interpreted as either good or bad news. Depending on North American demand, we presume, the August 24 launch could be pushed back or advanced.

Our American readers should know a vast network of retailers is at their disposal for Shield Tablet purchases, starting with Nvidia’s online store, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, etc., etc. The sole version up for grabs at this time is the Wi-Fi-restricted 16 GB model, whereas the LTE-enabled 32 GB-er is itself “coming soon”.

Strangely, there’s no flavor packing 32 GB of internal storage space and just Wi-Fi connectivity, nor will there ever be as far as we know. Pricing starts at $299, with a $100 premium added for 4G speeds and the extra 16 gigs of memory, and then you have the $60 and $40 respectively wireless controller and tablet cover, which you really must buy if you’re planning to use this as a game console.

Then again, the Shield Tablet, unlike last year’s tiny 5-inch Shield Portable, is anything but a one-trick pony, bringing together everything but the kitchen sink to fall in the high-end, all-purpose Android slate category. 1,920 x 1,200 pix res screen, punchy quad-core Tegra K1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, dual 5 MP cameras, 10-hour battery life, microSD support, stereo speakers, you name it, the 2014 Shield’s got it.

Via [Nvidia Blog]

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