Windows Phone 8.1 slowly gains market share, Nokia Lumia 520 remains WP king

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Windows Phone statisticsAs Windows Phone steadily increases its relevance in the always competitive mobile operating system arena, it’s probably time we started taking an interest in the platform’s statistics as much as we do with monthly Android distribution charts.

Sure, Microsoft remains a blip on Google’s radar, but it doesn’t take an expert to see WP is on the rise, aided by a major new OS update dubbed Windows Phone 8.1 and Nokia’s highly broadcasted management reshuffle.

In the long run, current silent partners HTC and LG are expected to crank up their WP efforts, and future Microsoft/Nokia Lumia handhelds like Superman and Tesla may well challenge the Lumia 520 in mainstream popularity.

Speaking of the 520, the low-cost, low-end device is still the ruler of the Windows Phone kingdom, owning a hefty 30.9 percent piece of the overall global pie, according to data gathered by AdDuplex on July 24.

That’s nearly a third of the total market share, which gives the 4 incher a ridiculously massive edge over silver medalist Lumia 625 (7.2 percent), and bronze winner Lumia 920 (6.5 points). Unsurprisingly, all of the top ten WPs are Nokia products, leading to now proprietors Microsoft holding an incredible 94.5 percent of the market. HTC is second, with a measly 3.7, and Samsung has 1.1 percent.

But perhaps the juiciest slide in Ad Duplex’s 18-page presentation breaks down the OS versions running on Windows Phones in use. Naturally, 8.0 has the upper hand, sitting at a dominant 70.4 percent, followed by 7.x (17.7 points), and 8.1, with 11.9.

I’m sensing a bit of a fragmentation pickle here, although given Windows Phone 8.1’s young age, it’s really impressive more than one in ten WPs are already on the platform’s freshest, hottest build. You go, Microsoft!

Via [Ad Duplex]

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