Xiaomi leads Chinese smartphone sales in Q2, Android eclipses iOS worldwide

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Android vs AppleNeed some fresh hard evidence Xiaomi, which just took the wraps off the immensely promising Mi 4, is a name to be reckoned with in the smartphone scene? According to Kantar’s latest research data, the China-based OEM conquered its domestic market throughout the year’s second fiscal quarter, ending June with a towering 27 percent share of total sales.

Samsung was narrowly behind, at 21.1, and Apple likely came in third, although the report is mum on Cupertino’s numbers. Meanwhile, Sammy actually prevailed in sales between January and May, closely followed by Xiaomi and Apple, so clearly, the Mi 4 makers are on an impressively soaring trend.

Taking a step back from the manufacturer war, and putting operating systems under the microscope, things look bleaker and bleaker for iOS. Not just on Chinese or Asian turf, but in North America and Europe too.

For instance, Android crushed iOS in Germany and Spain in Q2, accounting for 81.4 and 84.3 percent respectively of all smartphone sales. Ergo, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google’s market share in the old continent’s “Big Five” (Germany, Spain, UK, France and Italy) sits at a whopping 74 percent, nearly five times more than Apple’s 15.3 points.

The gap is even huger in China, where the numbers are 84.3 and 12.8, while stateside iOS remains a threat, albeit the trend is completely unfavorable to the iPhone makers. During the same three months of last year, iOS devices accounted for 42.5 percent of shipments, which was less than 10 points away of Android. Now, iPhones have a third of the pie (31.5 percent), and Google-powered handhelds almost double that (62). Guess the iPhone(s) 6 can’t come soon enough, huh?

Via [Kantar World Panel]

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