NomadPlus upgrades Apple wall chargers with battery power

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Although I’m not an Apple user, I greatly admire the thought and design that go into Apple’s best products. They look good, what can I say? While many accessories out there complement and flow with Apple’s svelte designs, some do it with jaw-dropping effect. One of the most recent examples of mobile brilliance comes from Nomad with their NomadPlus battery upgrade for Apple wall chargers.

NomadPlus Apple wall charger batteryIf the name Nomad rings a bell, it should. They just recently launched their NomadClip USB cable and redesigned the look of their NomadKey (review of older design here). But now those Apple wall chargers don’t have to just be chargers any more. The NomadPlus provides 1500mAh of battery power for mobile charging on the go.

Just slip the Apple wall charger into the NomadPlus. That’s it. You can charge your device normally through the 5V/1A USB port in the front. When you’re ready to go, bring the NomadPlus (with the wall charger inside) with you. The size is as small as possible, so it won’t feel like you’re carrying so much more. The benefit is having an additional 70 percent charge to your iPhone.

What’s not to like about it? The NomadPlus is an easy upgrade for something you already own. And for sure you could always benefit from extra smartphone energy when you’re on the go. Pair it with a NomadKey and you’ll have all you need in the least amount of space required. Nomad is accepting pre-orders now, and NomadPlus units will start shipping at the end of November this year.

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