Flickr to launch new commercial licensing program amidst competition

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Flickr to launch new commercial licensing program amidst competitionYahoo’s photo-sharing and storage service, Flickr, has just announced the rollout of a new licensing program whose purpose is to help its users have their work discovered by the right agencies and generate revenue through commercial licensing.

Additionally, Yahoo will help photographers get their work displayed on popular sites, including its own properties such as Yahoo News and Travel, and Tumblr. This will also be a good place for photographers to find and connect with photo assignments.

With this program, photographers can find new ways to “partner with photo agencies, editors, bloggers and other creative minds who are seeking original content.” BBC, Reuters, The New York Times, and Gizmodo are but a few of the media brands listed on the Flickr Marketplace website.

The new program suggests that Flickr is seeking to become more intimately involved with members who have a serious investment in the commercial photography market.

This move will put the company in direct competition with several photography sites, 500px, among them. In February, 500px announced its own licensing program, 500px Prime, whose licensing fees are at $250 and above. The photographer receives 70% of the profit.

500px Chief Photography Officer Evgeny Tchebotarev stated: “500px Prime is the only photo stock platform that gives buyers demographic tools, such as ability to target search to photos that appeal to men or women or to different continents and countries.”

It has yet to be revealed what kind of licensing fees Yahoo’s new program will offer, but expect more news in the next few days.

Via [TechCrunch]

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