Twitter focusing on photos with acquisition of Madbits

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Twitter focusing on photos with acquisition of MadbitsAfter its acquisition of info learning startup Madbits, Twitter will be shifting its focus towards images.

According to the Madbits website, the deal was closed on Monday. Twitter has yet to make an announcement about the purchase.

On its website, Madbits provides an explanation about what their technology is capable of, and what it will be doing for Twitter.

The term “deep-learning” has been garnering significant attention as of late. This is mainly due to the many emerging startups who promise to analyze the mountains of public and private data on the internet in order to help us understand people, information, trends, and more.

“Over this past year, we’ve built visual intelligence technology that automatically understands, organizes and extracts relevant information from raw media. Understanding the content of an image, whether or not there are tags associated with that image, is a complex challenge. We developed our technology based on deep learning, an approach to statistical machine learning that involves stacking simple projections to form powerful hierarchical models of a signal.”

Over the past year, Twitter has been focusing on multimedia – specifically images – as a means to expand its userbase and spread awareness of its advertising potential for profits. This is where Madbits fits in, as it could help determine the underlying motives behind users’ images. Madbits could also help facilitiate photo-based search while categorize images and providing other services as well.

Twitter has yet to reveal the plan’s full details.

Via [The Next Web]

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