Virgin Mobile plan includes advanced parental controls

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Virgin Mobile plan includes advanced parental controlsFor parents who don’t want their kids spending too much time on their mobile phones, Virgin Mobile is launching a smartphone plan called Custom. A Walmart exclusive, this plan allows customers to modify their wireless plans to their specifications.

The plan will have up to four lines. Each line costs just $6.98, but includes only 20 text messages, 20 minutes of talk time, and no data. Users can of course incrementally add more text, talk, and data for lower fees. $35 will get you unlimited talk and text.

Data plans range from $8 for 250MB to $28 for 2GB. Extra lines will cost $6.98 each.

Extensive parental controls are what Virgin Mobile Custom is really about, though the low cost of the plans is beneficial. Customers can setup usage limits so that children spend less time in apps and on their phones. For example, apps can be disabled for a few hours, or even permanently.

Parents don’t need to purchase their own Custom phone to manage their kids’ mobiles. The owner of the account can manage the phones using the web. An app for iOS and Android will also be available soon, so you can stick with your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone while your kids use the Custom models.

At the moment, the Custom Plan is only available for the ZTE Emblem, the LG Pulse, and the LG Unify, all of which are better for children than more expensive devices.

Via [Mashable]

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