SocialRank expands Twitter follower analytics service

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SocialRank expands Twitter follower analytics serviceSocialRank, a Twitter analytics service that launched in February, has been upgraded significantly to helps companies and brands gather more insight and value from their social media.

Originally, the service allowed users to examine their Twitter followers to determine who are the most engaged, influential, or both.

Now, the service has been enhanced so that users have even more ways to evaluate those followers. Users can be categorized by keywords, location, or a combination of factors– a key feature that brands had been demanding from the service.

According to SocialRank co-founder Alex Taub, over 5,000 brands are already using the platform for a variety of activities, from identifying their most vocal advocates to just wanting to communicate with active Twitter fans.

Additionally, SocialRank 2.0 will remove search limitations.

While the upgraded SocialRank will be provided for free, paying customers will have access to additional features. An example of those features is the market intelligence feature. This allows users to replicate analytics for other accounts on Twitter. In the future, these analytics could be added to Instagram and maybe even Facebook

Taub wants SocialRank to be the key platform used in the management of followers across all social accounts.

“We haven’t found an extensive or all-encompassing product that helps brands manage their followers across multiple networks that is also easy-to-use and affordable. Whereas a company like Hootsuite or Buffer has built a central location/dashboard to help manage posting across multiple networks, we are building a central location/dashboard to help manage followers across multiple networks. We are building the Hootsuite or Buffer for followers,” Taub said in a blog post.

Via [The Next Web]

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