HTC will host August 19 event in NYC

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HTC will host August 19 event in NYCHTC revealed on Wednesday that it will be hosting an event in New York this August 19. A company representative declined to disclose further details about what would be unveiled at the gathering, but a suggestion was made that it could have something to do with the eagerly awaited Nexus 8 tablet.

The Nexus 8 tablet from Google would be an HTC-developed Nexus 7 upgrade. Another possible product announcement at the event may be the rumored One Wear smartwatch, which the company is believed to be working on.

“Google does not comment on rumor or speculation,” Google wrote in a statement.

Some were disappointed that the Nexus 8 did not make an appearance during June’s annual conference of Google developers. This is especially because most Google-powered gadgets, such as the Nexus tablet, are usually revealed at events hosted by Google itself.

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, which launched two years ago, was developed by Asus. According to a source with intimate knowledge about the line, the Nexus 8, which is the purported improvement over the Nexus 7, was never actually meant to be announced at Google I/O. Nevertheless, the device is still headed to retail stores, though the exact schedule of its launch remains a mystery.

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