FCC receiving fewer net neutrality comments

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FCC receiving fewer net neutrality commentsAs of yesterday afternoon, the FCC received a total of 1,101,729 comments regarding its notice of proposed net neutrality rules. Though impressive, this figure is nearly unchanged from days and weeks ago.

The last day of the first period of comment was July 18. On this day, it was reported that the FCC had received comments numbering 1,062,000 exactly. It was a big week that was witness to the submission of hundreds of thousands of comments. However, the numbers began to decline at an increasingly fast pace towards the end of the week.

The implication of these two figures is that in the following 12 days, the FCC has only received around 40,000 comments. What this in turn implies is a daily average rate of 3,300 – a drastically slower pace than previously observed.

The initial comment period’s final days saw a flood of comments. The numbers were so enormous that the FCC’s website found itself struggling to keep up with the traffic. Eventually, they had to resort to a deadline extension.

Net neutrality remains a relevant issue. Peering agreements are still being signed by Netflix, and new regulations could affect those deals. The FCC is showing no signs that it’s considering the removal of all prioritization plans that change the speed at which some traffic travels.

Most notable of all, Senator Harry Reid recently wrote a letter in which he indicated his unflinching support of net neutrality, stating that he will “lead the fight to protect any Open Internet rules promulgated by the FCC” against political attack.

Time will tell whether the last days of the final comment period will see another surge in submitted comments, but right now, it looks like people have lost some of their enthusiasm.

Via [TechCrunch]

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