LG G Vista goes official with 5.7-inch qHD screen, $100 on-contract price tag

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LG G VistaAnd the confusion ends now, as the oft-rumored LG G Vista is officially available on Verizon with a spec sheet that blends the recent optimistic and pessimistic projections. The good news is LG G3’s overgrown, technically humble cousin packs a solid 1.5 GB RAM, not just 1 gig, as some tipsters suggested.

The bad news is LG took G3’s outstanding Quad HD display not one, but two steps down, delivering disappointing qHD resolution (that’s lowercase q), and cringe worthy pixel density. Namely, 960 x 540 and, oh my, 193 ppi.

Now, you’d think the panel sacrifice was made with a point, and the G Vista would be irresistibly affordable as a consequence. But that’s not really the case. Sure, $99.99 on-contract, $399 outright, and $14.99 per month with Big Red’s Edge program isn’t a fortune. But it’s hardly a steal.

For crying out loud, Amazon charges $99.99 for the contract-bound LG G3, no matter your carrier of choice. And the 5.5 incher has it all, from the superior screen to a beefier processor, plenty of extra storage space and an extremely capable rear camera.

The G Vista? Well, it carries a massive 3,200 mAh battery, which is nice, but the 8 MP main snapper, quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 chip and 8 GB of internal memory are nowhere near high-end, $100 with pacts material. Maybe AT&T can do better.

Via [Verizon]

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