Samsung confirms phone made of ‘new materials’ as Galaxy Alpha ETA shifts

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galaxy-alphaAndroid might be doing as splendid as always everywhere from China to Europe, but Samsung’s profits are shrinking, which is why the Koreans really have no choice left. They need to change their view on gadget build materials, and they need to do it… yesterday.

Also, they have to try their best to rain on Apple’s reportedly grandiose fall 2014 parade, or else the iPhone 6 will crush the Galaxy S5 mainstream popularity-wise. Luckily for the rulers of the Android universe, the Galaxy Note 4 is coming, and its rumored Quad HD display and UV sensor could well outshine some of the next-gen’s iPhone’s features.

Of course, the S Pen-supporting phablet would be even more disrupting if its chassis was constructed out of metal, which seems like a long shot. Not a long shot anymore, the Galaxy Alpha has been pretty much confirmed by senior vice president Kim Hyun-Joon, who promised investors a high-end device with “new materials” shall debut before the holiday season.

Granted, the exec’s definition of high-end may be a little loose, since the Alpha is tipped to sport a middling 4.8-inch 720p display, but as long as the bad boy ditches plastic, “polycarbonate” and “faux leather”, it’s all good.

Believed at one point to be prepped as an Asian-only experiment, the Galaxy Alpha could ultimately see daylight worldwide. In limited quantities, and a little later than previously rumored, i.e. on August 13, but still, this is one hot mo-fo to look out for.

Via [The Verge], [All About Samsung]

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