Report: Samsung loses smartphone market share, Xiaomi the star performer of Q2

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Xiaomi-logoYet another research firm has come forward with interesting numbers for the way the smartphone market shifted during the year’s second quarter, and like Kantar, Strategy Analytics suggests Xiaomi is the mobile device maker to watch.

Q2’s global “star performer” leaped from a measly 4.1 million smartphones sold in Q2 2013 to no less than 15.1 mil between April and June 2014, thus making the top five for the first time ever, behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Lenovo, but ahead of LG.

And given how warmly LG’s G2 and G3 have been received by critics and regular consumers alike, that’s quite the amazing feat for Xiaomi. The rulers of the world’s single biggest market, China, grabbed a 5.1 percent piece of the total pie around the globe, up from 1.8 a year ago.

Meanwhile, LG saw a minor drop in share, from 5.2 to 4.9 points, but an increase in sales, from 12.1 to 14.5 million units. Three of the leading four manufacturers also enjoyed a growth in demand, whereas the all-around champion was the only one to see both sales and market share dwindle.

Yes, Samsung is going down for the first time in ages, and we’re not talking about a minuscule decline either. The Galaxy S5 creators lost 7.4 points in the market share chart, now accounting for roughly one in four handhelds purchased globally.

Strictly from a shipment standpoint, things aren’t as bleak for the Koreans, which pushed out 74.5 million slabs in Q2 2014, down from 76 mil in Q2 2013. But since overall demand grew 27 percent year-on-year, this can only be viewed as a painful loss for Samsung and, perhaps, a violent wake-up call. Ring, ring, ring, it’s metal time.

Via [Strategy Analytics]

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