Amazon offering $1 credit with slower shipping

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Amazon offering $1 credit with slower shippingE-commerce giant Amazon is offering its Prime members an incentive to wait a little longer for their deliveries. If you choose to forego the free two-day shipping for a delivery of items that will take between five and seven days, Amazon will give you a $1 Amazon Instant Video Credit.

This special Prime delivery service is listed as “No-Rush Shipping.”

Amazon Instant Video is a service where you have the option to rent and purchase from a selection of over 150,00 movies and TV shows. On the other hand, Prime Instant Video provides its members with unlimited streaming of around 40,000 titles. Certain titles can also be downloaded.

The offer is part of a limited-time deal that lasts until the end of October of this year, giving you more than enough time to snag a couple of free movies.

Some are guessing Amazon is using this new Prime delivery option as a way to alleviate the cost of rising delivery operations and logistics pressures. Shipping costs and the price of fuel have been rising, after all, pushing Amazon to raise the annual Prime membership from $79 to $99.

Prior to the announcement of the No-Rush Shipping offer, Amazon reported a loss of $126 million for its first quarter despite an increase in revenue by 23 percent. The one-dollar offer could therefore be a part of a strategy aimed at saving costs until the company has at least recovered from its losses

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