Indiegogo iOS app reaches US after Canadian launch

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Indiegogo iOS app reaches US after Canadian launchCrowd-funding platform Indiegogo has just released an iOS mobile app. While Canada has been enjoying the service for a month, this launch is meant for the rest of the world. Yes, Indiegogo has gone international.

“We didn’t prioritize funders or campaign starters over one another,” said CEO Slava Rubin. “Whether you’re making an update to your campaign or just browsing for a cool project to back, we want it to be an amazing experience.”

The app will let campaign funders browse and discover new campaigns with the help of personalized recommendations. When they find one they like, they can back it via the app.

For now, the mobile app isn’t giving Indiegogo campaign managers the option to start whole new campaigns. They do, however, have complet control of their existing campaigns, as the app will allow them to observe contributions in real time, read comments, make edits, and post photos. Of course, they can also thank contributors with the app as well as use social media to promote their campaigns.

Indiegogo assures it won’t be long before campaign creators will be able to build new campaigns on their mobile devices.

“As we focus on personalization, and ensuring that the user experience is tailored around the user, mobile is only going to be a tool for us,” said Rubin. “Having a mobile presence like this will allow for an even more localized and personalized experience, which will take away even more friction.”

The Indiegogo app is now available on the Apple App Store, and it will soon be available on Android devices.

Via [TechCrunch]

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