Q2 strong for T-Mobile, carrier adds 1.5M customers

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Q2 strong for T-Mobile, carrier adds 1.5M customersT-Mobile has just announced its earnings for the second quarter, and in doing so continues to show that the carrier is still going strong in regards to the acquisition of new customers.

To be more precise, the carrier was able to add 1.5 million additional subscribers in the second quarter. This is the fifth successive quarter in which the carrier managed to attract subscribers numbering over 1 million. With this figure, T-Mobile has surpassed the 50 million total subscribers milestone for the very first time.

908,000 out of the additional 1.5 million were postpaid customers. In contrast, Sprint lost 245,000 subscribers in the same quarter. Though, one of the carrier’s stronger competitors, Verizon, managed to gain 1.4 million customers and AT&T acquired 1 million new customers.

Thanks to the inflow of many new customers, T-Mobile’s revenue experienced a 15.4 percent rise to $7.2 billion, with a $391 million operating profit.

T-Mobile also mentioned that within two months of its Seattle launch of VoLTE, the service has spread nationwide. It now has over 2.8 million customers, with more on the way.

T-Mobile is also launching Wideband LTE, as well as equipping sites with 700 MHz gear to improve speeds and available bandwidth.

So far, the Uncarrier initiative has proven beneficial to T-Mobile. In terms of customer service, the carrier is now the highest ranked among the U.S.’ four primary cellular providers.

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