AT&T brings Windows Phone 8.1 (Cortana included) to Nokia Lumia 925 and 520

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Nokia Lumia 925Given Nokia is essentially Microsoft’s property and the two companies have become one, we always expected Windows Phone 8.1 updates for Lumia phones to go way smoother than, say, Android 4.4 KitKat makeovers for non-Nexus devices.

In fact, you could say Lumias are for the WP décor what Nexuses are in the world of the little green robot. But what AT&T is nowadays doing for its Nokia Lumia lineup is beyond-our-wildest-dreams amazing.

The second largest wireless service provider stateside kicked the festivities off with a WP 8.1 + Lumia Cyan bump for the Lumia 1520 less than a week ago, and already, two additional handhelds are treated to hefty, scrumptious goodie packs.

And one of the two is nowhere near high-end material. It’s the Lumia 520, the most successful Windows Phone in history, but a slab that would risk obsolescence in the Android landscape. Also upgraded as we speak, the once mighty Carl Zeiss camera-toting 4.5-inch Lumia 925.

What’s interesting is the pair is in line for identical bundles of tweaks and enhancements, which would never be possible over in Android land, given their huge hardware gap. Tipping the scales at a whopping 450 MB, the OTA updates bring Cortana voice assistance, customizable start screens, increased power efficiency, spanking new Battery Saver functions, Word Flow Keyboard, quick access to settings and notifications via Action Center and Internet Explorer 11 to the table, among others.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Microsoft, and with a little help from carriers, you’re definitely on your way to breaking the Android-iOS duopoly of today’s mobile market.

Via [AT&T Blog]

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  • Rich

    I am elated to see these new offerings from WP, I am a huge MICROSOFT fan who is stuck with an Android phone for the simple reason that until now the offerings from WP have just plain sucked. I had a WP for a while and I loved the OS, but the handset was a nightmare. Long story short, I am soooo looking forward to going BACK to a WP. Drive on M/S

  • griffin

    I think the name cortana is amazingly clever! If you know as much about Microsoft as I do you will realize that cortana is the name of a computerized assistant on Microsoft’s most successful game “Halo”

  • Andrea

    Cortana isn’t working too well on my Nokia Lumia 520. It does make calls, but that’s it. Everytime I say something it shows the message “Something is not right. Try again later.” After leaving it be for an hour, it shows the same message. Any advice?