Metal framed Samsung Galaxy Note 4 expected out on September 3

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galaxy_note_4_conceptBusy with countless Galaxy Alpha rumors, and also troubled by reports Samsung is gradually losing its global smartphone mojo, we almost completely forgot about the most high-profile Android product announcement of what’s left in 2014.

Yes, the Galaxy Note 4. The biggest, baddest top-of-the-line phablet in Sammy’s history. One that, aside from the obligatory processing power and screen resolution improvements, is tipped to bring with it an innovative UV Sensor. Possibly, a retina scanner too.

And surprise, surprises, according to the Korea Times, a metal “frame”. Emphasis on the word frame needed, as it probably means the Note 4 will be blending metallic and plastic design elements in an ensemble similar to the just-pictured Galaxy Alpha.

In other words, the actual body may be plastic, with strips of aluminum on the sides for enhanced sturdiness, elegance and grip. It doesn’t sound like an aesthetical revolution, so I guess a slow evolution will have to do for the moment.

The same credible Asian publication, quoting “executives at Samsung’s top-tier local parts suppliers”, claims the GNote 4 shall see the light of day on September 3, during a pre-IFA press conference in Berlin, Germany.

The IFA consumer electronics trade show debuts two days later, and in recent history, that’s pretty much the timing Samsung has always opted for. Sadly, the dreamy curved OLED version, which is said to be real, isn’t “aimed at appealing to the mass market”, so at best, it’ll roll out in limited quantities in Korea starting later this year. Bummer.

Via [Korea Times]

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