Majority of businesses continue using Windows XP

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Majority of businesses continue using Windows XPThough Microsoft has pulled its support for Windows XP, a surprisingly large number of businesses are still running the aged OS in their operations.

Over 100 businesses attended the recently held TechEd North America 2014 conference. After they were surveyed by IT systems provider Adaptiva, it was revealed that 53 percent of the attendees were still using Windows XP within their organizations.

Of the 53 percent, 29 percent explained their inability to drop XP as a product of application compatibility issues. 15 percent said it was because the migration to a more modern system would take too much time. 4 percent blamed the migration cost, and 2 percent brought up user training concerns.

When Microsoft cut off all support for XP, it left the OS vulnerable to bugs and other security issues. Many businesses are aware of these hazards. At least 25 percent of the polled businesses admitted they were worried about security, 15 percent had taken advantage of the extended Windows XP support provided by Microsoft, and 17 percent stated they were in the process of migrating to Windows 8 or a mix of Windows 7 and 8.

Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager is being used by 80 percent of the businesses. About 43 percent have to support over 10,000 PCs, including desktops, laptops, and servers. 13 percent struggled with more than 10,000 PCs. These figures show how difficult and time-consuming the move away from XP is for many businesses.

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