Yo doesn’t like YOLO copycat app

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Yo doesn’t like YOLO copycat appThe $1.5 million-backed messaging app, Yo, is not at all flattered by all the nearly identical copycat apps proliferating the App Store. The company is now, in fact, targeting one of them – a parody app named YOLO – claiming trademark and copyright infringement.

In the complaint the company filed with Apple, Yo founder Or Abel stated YOLO is “a complete fake copy of our Yo app.”

Betty Xi, one of the people behind the creation of YOLO, said their app was meant to “poke fun at Yo.”

“With a product as fragile as Yo and the app being so easily duplicated, how can people claim this product is worth $10 million?,” she asked.

The YOLO app doesn’t only let users send messages to others, it also allows them to send “time.” In other words, you can send virtual minutes and hours to a friend.

YOLO’s user interface and purple icon resemble Yo’s. And just like Yo, you have to push a friend’s name to send them an audio alert notification.

Of course, YOLO isn’t the only Yo clone out there. Others include Yo, Hodor!, YoFrom, and AHOY.

In response to this over-propagation of copycats, Arbel had the following to say:

“As the pioneer of a concept, Yo has spawned many clones, though most of the clones offer something slightly different, some of them are a complete replication of the Yo app. Even the App Store description was copied word by word. We value creativity and we are in a free market. Improving upon our concept is welcomed, copying us bit-by-bit isn’t.”

YOLO has no plans to pull their app from the App Store.

Via [TechCrunch]

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