Microsoft starts shipping Intel Core i3, i7 Surface Pro 3 models at last

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Surface Pro 3Ready to ditch your bland old conventional laptop in favor of a spunky multi-purpose tablet/notebook hybrid? Perfect timing, as Microsoft has just begun shipping third-generation Surface Pros with Intel Core i3 and i7 processors inside to early adopters.

And even if you haven’t taken the time to pre-order one of these bad boys yet, starting today you should find them just chilling in brick and mortar Microsoft stores, and set to leave crowded warehouses ASAP when purchased online.

The cheapest “laptop replacement” is the sole Surface Pro 3 SKU packing an i3 Haswell chip, plus a humble 64 GB SSD. It costs $799, i.e. $200 south of the 128 GB Intel i5 flavor, which has been around for more than a month.

Meanwhile, the top i5 configuration is a whopping $1,299 with 256 GB of solid-state storage, and Intel i7 versions go for $1,549 and $1,949 respectively while accommodating hefty 256 and 512 gigs SSDs. Remember, those prices don’t include accessories, with a nifty Type Cover made exclusively for the Surface Pro 3 valued at an extra $129.99, and a Surface Pen up for grabs at $49.99. Better stick with a traditional notebook if you can’t handle the extravagant costs.

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