Note 3 screen used in latest Oculus Rift

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Note 3 screen used in latest Oculus RiftWhen Facebook subsidiary Oculus VR first revealed its second virtual reality development kit, no specific details were disclosed about its new, higher-resolution screen. With the shipments of the second dev kit making their way to pre-order customers, however, people have been dissecting the device, allowing them to scrutinize its myriad of pieces more intimately. The results of their efforts? We now know what the headset is using: the screen from Samsung’s Note 3.

The headset is actually using the screen taken directly from a Note 3 smartphone. What this means is that you’ll end up having a 1080 x 960 AMOLED display rammed in each eye. Strangely enough, the screen’s touch module is intact – which is ridiculous, as such a feature won’t have any significance when you’re wearing the headset.

According to the website iFixit, the screen is being made to run at 75Hz – a much higher refresh rate. This will create what Oculus calls “low-persistence.”

Samsung and Oculus make interesting, albeit unusual bedfellows. Samsung and Oculus VR are actually working on another VR headset, called “Gear VR.” While Samsung builds the hardware, Oculus is developing the software for the gadget. Samsung’s provision of the Note 3 screen for the new Oculus device is most likely just another element of that partnership.

Via [Engadget]

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