Chaatz’s new feature improves communication with strangers

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Chaatz’s new feature improves communication with strangersMessaging app Chaatz has introduced a new feature that lets you communicate with total strangers without having to give them your real phone number.

The app’s original “Chaatz number” feature assigns you a number so that you don’t have to reveal your real number to other people, such as sales and marketing personnel and acquaintances at work.

Now a new feature called “Chaatz Connect” has been released on the Android and iOS versions of the app. Chaatz number has been integrated into Chaatz Connect, so now you can talk to absolutely anyone signed up for this feature. This means anyone from the 60 countries included in the initial roll-out can be talked to, all while keeping your number secret and maintaining your privacy. Just select from a random list of people in your country of choice, send a request, and voila. You don’t even need a Facebook or other social account to connect with strangers.

Aside from Chaatz Connect, the update also introduces animated emoticons, as well as a great variety of characters. You can edit the wallpaper of the chat room, and even add filters to images.

Chaatz’s founders have a long term goal to connect the other five billion feature phone users worldwide to a mobile social network. The team plans to release a feature phone-centric app in the third quarter of 2014 – one that allows communication on the same platform as those using smartphones. If the platform attracts enough users, Chaatz Connect could become a truly interesting feature – like a penpal service for the digital age.

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